Review of “But If It Snows on Fizzy Pop

The one thing I love about Christmas music (other than it is Christmas music) is that it helps me find artists who I might have missed in the onslaught of new tunes the rest of the year round. One such artist is country music singer, Bailey James, whose new seasonal song But If It Snows is so exquisite I could weep. A little bit of research shows that Bailey has had a number of independent label singles released, including the excellent Run Girl (which made the country charts). At 15 years old she sings with a wisdom and grace that hints at a long and successful career ahead of her – the true definition of what my generation would call an electric youth. But If It Snows is a beautifully crafted composition all about going through the motions at Christmas while your heart is aching for love. Set to a lovely, lilting mid-tempo groove, a shuffling percussion sashays next to cascading piano, whilst strings dance elegantly like lights on the Christmas tree. This provides a backdrop for Bailey to pour her heart into the vivid lyrics – she not only paints a picture perfect winter wonderland scene tinged with melancholy, she bends each note to her will and imbues them with just the right emotion. The textured chorus accentuates the hope of the lyrics, sending the titular refrain soaring whilst the listener gets to appreciate Bailey’s resonant tones. It is all wonderfully put together and sounds like a future oldie you will be playing to the memories of Christmas past in the years to come. Just darling.

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